Why Some People are Almost Always Successful Brand Builders

Why Some People are Almost Always Successful Brand Builders

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Do you also have an impression some people are just extremely successful when it comes to brand building? It seems like they have cracked some sort of a brand building code. Luckily it is true to certain extent and it’s good news. It means there is some sort of a pattern how to do it all of us can follow, otherwise we could claim it was just “luck”.

Of course some people are just naturally better at something, but that does not mean you cannot beat them. It’s just a matter of asking yourself right question, formulating right tasks and seeking for solutions. That’s exactly what people who are almost always successful brand builders do.

Outline the key qualities and #benefits your brand offers and let your #brand personality shine. On top of that you have to be your brand’s biggest advocate #hustle Click To Tweet

Browsing online on the subject I have found very interesting and in my opinion really good article about that. Then I decided it would be a good idea to prepare a graphic form of that and add few things on top. The below infographic has been prepared based on article by Sonia Gregory which can be found under this link here.

Just to briefly clarify, I don’t want to claim you have now all what you need to create a strong brand for your company. Yet, combined with article below you will be pretty well equipped with valuable knowledge. Right, let’s get right into it!

11 Simple Steps to Successful Brand Building

Almost Always Successful Brand Builders

  1. Determine your brand’s target audience – you should know who are your customers
  2. Define a brand mission statement – what your company is all about, what’s your why?
  3. Research brands within your industry niche – you have to know who you are competing with
  4. Outline the key qualities and benefits your brand offers – what is your unique selling proposition? What makes you different?
  5. Create a brand logo and tagline – one of the most important and fun parts, something your company will be mainly recognised by
  6. Form your brand voice – the way of communicating with your clients that works best
  7. Build a brand message and elevator pitch – if you had only an elevator ride long meeting with potential investor what would you say?
  8. Let your brand personality shine – let it be unique and genuine
  9. Integrate your brand into every aspect of your business – brand building should be include every part of your company from top to bottom and left to right
  10. Stay true to your brand building – consistency is the key, rebranding your company too often will confuse your clients and it’s never a good idea
  11. Be your brand’s biggest advocate – you know your company better than anyone else, if you won’t do it then why do you think anyone else will?

Benefits of Branding to the Consumer

What is typically being discussed when it comes to brand building is how to do it or what are the benefits for you or the company. Very rarely you can see the benefits of branding that are purely consumer driven. The first clear advantage that comes to my mind is just better quality.

When a company decides to send its message to the world they stop being anonymous and become accountable for what they represent. Their products are either their worse or best ambassador. Plus it just gives a peace of mind and improve decision making process once the company is recognisable.

Not to mention “brands” are mostly something we as human beings can identify with. I’m not saying you should now become a brand believer. It just “branding” gives a company more human attributes. Without it’s just dull and not fun.

When a company decides to send its message to the world they stop being anonymous and become accountable for what they represent. Their products are either their worse or best ambassador. #brandBuilding #entrepreneurship Click To Tweet

Disadvantages of Brand Awareness

Now, let’s turn the tables and think of some disadvantages of branding. At the end of the day it’s never only sunshine and rainbows. I can think of two. First of all it’s expensive. It will cost you a lot of time, effort and money to create really good and strong brand awareness. It is also not so certain it will pay off. As everything in business it might or might not work out.

Whether we like it or not risk is a part of entrepreneurship and our goal is manage it.

Benefits of Branding

You can of course prepare and plan everything diligently, but there are no guarantees in this game. We just have to accept that. Second disadvantage that is somewhat a derivative of the first one i that once created brand is difficult to change. It will cost even more time, effort and money, so make sure you’ve done your homework. I am not trying to discourage you, but I believe you should know how it is.

And what are your thoughts on that? 🙂

Infographic prepared based on the following article:


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