Simple Tweaks That Will Save Your Online Marketing Money

Simple Tweaks That Will Save Your Online Marketing Money

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When it comes to business there are three main pillars of success: productivity, entrepreneurship and marketing. Productivity is your work ethic and how you work. Entrepreneurship is what you do and how you monetize it. Marketing is how you communicate with the world and everything around it. That is as simple and as accurate definition of marketing as it can be.

So if you are wondering why your online marketing sucks, it is because you are not communicating well and clear enough. Of course you can say marketing is about selling a product or a service and that would be true.

So if you are wondering why your #onlineMarketing sucks, it is because you are not communicating well and clear enough #business #communicate Click To Tweet

But let me ask you something – will shouting on a street “buy my product, buy my product” get you a lot of customers? It will get you some attention to start with, that’s for sure. But will you be able to convert? I’m afraid it’s highly doubtful at best.

The reason why most of online marketing strategies are performing so poorly is because people do not think about their objectives and the ways to accomplish them. Just throwing money at it will not do much of a help. So what should you do? I have put down some of the best tactics so stick with me.

Why my Online Marketing Strategy Sucks

Well, mainly because you just trying to throw money on your marketing strategy and you expect it to work. Only because you have spent this and that much. You would be better off burning these money with such mindset, I’d tell you that. Fortunately, it does not work this way. Fortunately, because otherwise all of us would be fuc… in troubles.

Can you imagine the marketing budget the TOP500 companies have at their disposal? Unimaginable. Luckily, having relatively small budget can be an advantage, because that means your marketing have to be more creative and thought through. Plus you are much more flexible than these big fat corporations.

Why my Online Marketing Strategy Sucks

Marketing is an art of communication so your online, and potentially also traditional strategy sucks for few reasons. First two has already been mentioned above: you are yelling at your customers to buy from you and you just spend money hoping it will work. To put it more professionally here are three most likely and most common reasons:

You Don’t Have a Proper Plan

Inspiration can come anytime and anyplace so plans written down on a newspaper are the best. However, the next step should be to build a proper plan based on that idea. It’s a WX4 rule and stuff like who, what, where and when are crucial factors.

  • Who – you need to know who your potential customers are, what they like and what is their demographics
  • What – establish exactly what sort of product or service you want to market, different products = different strategies
  • Where – it doesn’t really matter if it will be Facebook, Twitch, Snapchat or a newspaper, but every platform has its own context
  • When – the exact dates of campaign, maybe there is some sort of occasion you can use to maximise the ROI

Before you cover the above ones think of what you want to achieve with that campaign and what sort of budget you can allocate against it. When it comes to spending money do not be afraid to do it, BUT be conservative. If you feel like you could spend less, do it. Then deduct 10% more.

You Don’t Take Time to Analyse the Data

I know your intuition is one of its kind, but data is here to help you. It does not mean to give you another thing to look after and distract you from your business goals. You can really learn a lot about your customers’ and viewers’ behaviour and learn what works and does not work. Thanks to that you can allocate more resources against things that bring customers and drive revenues. Simple as that.

You are Just Like Everyone Else

I’m sorry, I went too far with this one. We are all different and special, but when it comes to marketing we tend to do exactly the same stuff as other companies. Very often even selling almost or exactly the same product! That’s not gonna work. You have to stand out and be unique.

If you cannot sell different products at least create different ads and content. And by that I don’t mean you have to shout louder than your competitors. Most of them are way too salesy, so maybe the way to reach your customers would be by building awareness and creating a need? Dunno, you have to answer that.

How do You Successfully Market a Small Business

Short answer could be to just follow the tips in the above paragraph, but that would be too easy 🙂 those were the reasons why you don’t get the results and I believe it’s pretty decent portion of what-to-do knowledge. However, to get a complete information on how to successfully market a small business you need a little bit more.

The first tip is to get the advantage of Google Local Business by setting up a Google My Business account. It’s perfect way to get your digital business card that will appear in local search results to get in front of your customers. To rank higher in local results include your address and local phone number on top of your homepage.

The easiest way to be ranked in local search results is to get the advantage of a Google My Business account #localSEO #digitalMarketing Click To Tweet

If you can carve out a little bit of time you should definitely use the social media for your business. I know everybody is saying that, but this is truly where your customers are. The hard truth is that most likely you will not see a significant increase coming directly from the social media.

This is more the brand awareness game and the results will come indirectly. If you don’t have time yourself, but can spend few bucks hire your nephew or neighbours kid to do it for you. Just focus on one channel that is most relevant for your business.

If you will decide to use one of the social media platforms the cool stuff about most of them is that you can run cheap and extremely well targeted ads. Of course you need some sort of a budget, but you can set up an add on Facebook for as little as $5 a day. This will allow you to reach several hundreds of people that have interest in something you offer, e.g. homemade candles.

How to Spend Less on Digital Marketing

If you run a small business it is sometimes very difficult to invest money into paid ads. If that’s the case or you just decided you spend too much I have some good news for you. Luckily, not everything will cost you money in digital marketing world. There are few things you can do to market your business totally for free. Well, almost for free, because it will cost your time, but you might find it quite pleasant.

How to Spend Less on Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

One of the most efficient ways to spend less on digital marketing is to start a blog and regularly produce content on the topic. I assume that if you decided to start a canvas business it is your passion and you know loads about it. Share that knowledge. You would be amazed to know how many people will actually look for stuff you can share.

There are more than 70 thousands of Google searches every second. Yup, you read that right – 70.000!! All of those people are looking for something. The secret is to identify what kind of questions people might be searching in your niche and give them answers in shape of long and thorough articles of at least 1500 words.

Email Marketing

Believe it or not, but this is still one the most effective ways of increasing the revenues. If you have made some sales in the past and people have signed up for your newsletter use that opportunity. Communicate with them regularly and treat like they were your friends by providing a value upfront. Just like with your blog you can share your knowledge or secret tips of a professional, that’d be pretty cool. You can learn more about email marketing from this video below, this guy is absolutely lit!


This is probably the best tip you can get. Turn your employees into brand ambassadors. You will have to offer some sort of incentive, so it will not be entirely for free, but this can really skyrocket your results! People believe their friends’ opinion, so your offer will spread by word of mouth.

Just remember that the best way to do it is to treat your employees right. Like Richard Branson said: “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

If you would like to learn more ways of doing marketing online be sure to check out our latest post right here below. It’s an infographic about Online Marketing.

How to Optimize Website Conversion

If you are interested in online marketing the chances are your business do have a website. If it does not you should definitely get one. Your business website is like a virtual real estate and since so many people are spending their time online it’s most logical thing to be there as well.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to only drive traffic to your website to convert viewers into customers. These times are long gone. Which ultimately is a good thing, because the quality has improved over the years massively. The bottom line is you want to convert as many people visiting your website as possible.

Your #business website is like a virtual real estate and since so many people are spending their time #online it’s most logical thing to be there as well #entrepreneurship Click To Tweet

In order to do that you have to optimize your website conversion. You can do that in several ways, but the best one you can get is to keep it simple. In terms of design and language you are using. These are usually regular people like you and me popping to your page, don’t try to impress them.

Your main goal is to satisfy their needs, ultimately to create a need and then satisfy it, but you won’t achieve it by trying to sound sophisticated.

Plus it has to be clear for them what to do, so don’t overwhelm them with colours and buttons. Clear headlines and clear call-to-action (CTA) button in contrasting colour always work best. Additionally the best way to convert your leads is to provide them value prior the purchase or by adding value to your offer.

Ideally for FREE which is the best converting word of all times, use it wisely. Combined with urgency created by time-limited incentive can work like magic.

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