Everything You Need to Know About Modern Marketing

Have you ever thought how massively things have changed over the years? And I don’t mean geological eras in Earth’s history or even technological revolutions for the last four hundreds years. Let’s go back just fifty or sixty years back.

If you are around my age or slightly older there are great chances your parents did not have running water. Not to even mention television or electricity in general.

Yup, even in USA there were many people in 50s and 60s that didn’t have those facilities at their everyday disposal.

Seems a little bit weird now, doesn’t it?

Fast forward to present days and almost all of us have super computers in our pockets. With access to almost everything human race have ever discovered or achieved. That’s pretty impressive.

It’s even more impressive when you realise twenty or thirty years back they were only figment of imagination in science fiction movies like Star Trek or Star Wars. Or Stanisław Lem’s books.

Inside the information and telecommunications revolution, we went through already few smaller revolutions and no one really knows where does it stop.

The marketing for example went from printed advertising including magazines and billboards, to modest beginnings of digital marketing. Including radio advertising, tv advertising and, everyone’s favourite, telemarketing.

Now we have a phase of online marketing with SEO, PPC, display advertising and social media marketing served to us based by interests. Finally someone’s done it right! But you know what? This hasn’t been the biggest change. The biggest change happened on totally different level.

On a relationship level and approach level. This has evolved into the age of customer. In this age only modern marketing is up to the task. And below you can find everything about it.

The Number One Principle of Modern Marketing

By phrase “modern marketing” I do not mean using the means of modern technology. That’s nothing more than merely a tool. Don’t get me wrong, marketing we know today wouldn’t be even possible without technology.

But modern marketing is so much more than just gimmicks, adding posts on social media or hyper-relevant ads.

It’s the way we communicate with each other.

Companies with customers and customers with companies. Not so long ago it was the companies who ran the show. As a result customers had to buy whatever was available at the market.

Not necessarily what would satisfy their needs the most.

Despite that, Henry Ford who said If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses is even more right than almost hundred years ago. Why? Because people are even more confused and bombarded with information than ever before.

How to be Modern Marketer

Your role of modern marketer in such environment is to silence down that noise and understand what your prospects need.

Many of them might still say “faster horses” which could mean better smartphones, food, clothes or another social media platform. But is it truly what they want? Your role of entrepreneur is to understand what your potential customers are dealing with. What problems do they have?

And what solutions you can provide them.

The current age of customer doesn’t mean the customers are the ones who are designing the products. It just means they are the ones who are driving them. As a result, their hyper specific need is being satisfied by this hyper specific product.

I know it might be confusing, as marketers we are being constantly terrorised with content of how you should and shouldn’t do certain stuff. I got you, I was there, overwhelmed. But you know what? It’s not your fault if you failed.

It takes quite some time once you finally understand what this game is all about. And it’s liberating. You see, for the very long time I didn’t realise that selling was actually at the very end of the entire process. It might sound funny, but it’s true.

Whoever tried to sell something online knows it’s extremely difficult to sell something right of the bat. And whoever told you something else is a liar. Fake gurus do it all the time.

It might have worked back in the “good old days”, but you can’t just throw something online. That doesn’t work anymore. Stop selling the product, start selling the benefits. Something you might have heard a lot as well.

But what does it mean exactly?

Sell the Meaning

Well, selling benefits is only part of the story. I am sure you had a feeling they are not telling you everything you need to know. And guess what, you were right. Instead of trying to sell benefits, try to sell the meaning. What does it mean for someone to solve a specific problem?

Think about it this way. Would you like to buy a truck of timber and bucket of nails from me, please? No? And how about beautiful summer house where you can read your favorite book and relax? Where you got your own space and finally some quiet “me time”…

You get the point, right? Just like in this salesman joke.

The Number One Principle of Modern Marketing

Don’t approach your customers from logical perspective, go deeper. Understand what your audience is going through and give them something that will improve their lives, even if they don’t realize that yet. Meet them at emotional level.

Tell them how their life is going to change. That’s the real power of modern marketing and age of customer.

How do you do that? Treat them like, like you would treat your friends. This one thing will make all the difference you need. Remember – everyone is going through some hardships. Just have conversations with them inside of your head. What do they say? What is bothering them?

Only then you will be able to build some level of trust by solving some of their problems.

And you communicate with them through one of the three core types of content. Either through blog, podcast or video, but eventually you want to use all of them.

How to be Modern Marketer

Does Blogging Still Work in 2019

Despite of what you might have heard blog still works in 2019 and will work in the future as well. Written word will not vanish. Yes, in certain times people might lean more towards video or audio materials, but blog will always be there as well.

This is probably the reason why people tend to think that running a blog is dead these days. Considering the amount of websites and blogs of all forms and shapes I can definitely see a point.

However, as long as people are looking for information and blogging is about delivering answers, nothing will change.

Success Formula

The only thing that really changes is your approach to creating content and finding your area where you can be of service to the underserved audience. That’s it, that’s the whole trick. If you do that and provide relevant, valuable and helpful content you will be found.

Mark my words.

Do that consistently to passionate audience and you will be able to build a strong authority on that specific niche in eyes of Google. How long will it take? Dunno, what is your niche? If it’s really competitive it might be years and years of publishing articles and never really make it.

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If it’s something almost no one else is doing and people are looking for that, Google will do its thing fairly quick. Probably in a matter of months.

Especially if you are passionate about your niche and you are able to provide enough valuable content to outrank your competitors.

Valuable is the key word. When browsing online you can see how many useless articles can be found on the first page, right? Do Google a favour and write best piece of content you possibly can on selected questions. That’s the best and only SEO hack you need.

Keywords Research

And you find these questions by doing a keyword research. If you know your niche it is much easier to imagine what sort of things people might be looking for. Still I would recommend you go and cross check with Google.

If you have a rough idea you can check “Searches related to” at the very bottom or “People also ask” section. Especially the latter is the gold mine. If there is a suggestion people are looking for it.

If you dig deep enough you might even have the exact titles.Just try to imagine what kind of questions people might have related to your niche.

To judge how competitive it is can be problematic. The number of results Google brings cannot be a main factor. But what kind of pages and articles are on the first page there tells you a lot.

Short and poor quality articles, forum threads, loosely related results. That all means Google is struggling to find better content for that phrase. That’s a clear sign you can rank for those questions.

Another ways is to check how many pages are optimized for that specific keyword.

Searching for “intitle: keyword phrase” and “inurl: keyword phrase” will provide you with information how many pages exactly have this keyword in title and url.

Here is everything you need to know about advanced search operators.

What are the Pros and Cons of Vlog

Another basic and extremely popular form these days is video. No wonder, for many people it is the best way of gaining information and building knowledge. YouTube has been one of the fastest growing platforms and has basically as many users as Facebook. Surprised?

And guess what, it’s a search engine so people can actually find your stuff in a week, month, six months or ten years from now. None of the social media platforms can do that.

Besides, watching videos seems so natural and I have to admit, it’s pretty cool way of consuming content. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect and it has its downsides as well. I have prepared a quick summary you can find below.

Pros of YouTube Videos

  • Super popular right now
  • Visual way of presenting information appeals many people
  • Feels more personal if you can see a speaker
  • It will help you to reach different group of your audience
  • More people are willing to buy a product they’ve seen in a video

Cons of YouTube Videos

  • It requires more preparation and time to upload
  • Not every topic is suitable for video material
  • You have to work on your speech
  • Many people just don’t like it

Now, the last point doesn’t necessarily mean you have drop the idea of running your own vlog, because some people don’t like it. That’s not the case. You should do what feels most natural for you. If it’s talking then do a podcast, if you like to be in front of camera start a vlog.

What you can also do is to verify what type of content works best for your audience and where your competition is the lowest.

If you need more details about YouTube SEO, be sure to check out below video. This dude is a real deal.

As said before, ideally you want to be found on written word plus audio and video platforms at some point to maximise the reach. But you need to start in a place that gives you the best chances to succeed.

Is There Room for Another Podcast

Hence, we are moving to audio materials which is currently the most dynamically growing type of content. To answer the question is there still room for another podcast, long story short there certainly is. We can observe growing popularity in the last few years.

However, only for the last four or five years podcasts got some real traction. It resonates really well in busy societies. You don’t always feel like reading and you don’t always have to time to sit and watch a video.

So here comes the podcast.

It’s ideal solution for working mums, people who have to commute for hours or professional drivers. But also for people who want to combine it with something else, like gym for example.

#Podcast is ideal solution for people #busy with their lives. Also for people who want to work out in the meantime. #gym Click To Tweet

So you don’t have to change your schedule. The massive advantage of podcast is that it allows you to do something else in the meantime.

As a listener you don’t have to be fully focused on the content like in case written word or video. It is much more passive in that sense, but at the same time super engaging.

Combine that with less competition compared to blogs and videos and you might have a winner.

Thanks to this type of content you can reach more people from your audience that are just too busy with their lives. But also it’s much more personal than a written word. It allows you to tell more engaging stories. And are easier to create than videos.

Maybe it’s something that will be the best match for you and your audience?

Social Media Marketing is not a Secret Sauce

The last subheading makes me feel like a social media hater 🙂 especially that I also wrote an entire blog post in similar tone. Let’s make it clear – I do not hate social media. I think it’s great! It just gets way too much attention then it deserves, that’s all.

But honestly speaking, not that long ago I was a devoted social media advocate myself. I literally thought that social media was the answer to everything.

I have done my research about main social media platforms, created a tonne of content, selected relevant hashtags and… nothing much happened. I received bunch of likes, some comments, hardly any website visits.

Does Blogging Still Work in 2019

So I’ve consumed more information, rethought my strategy, became pro at canva, created even more content and crafted every single post. For every single day. For months.

And still nothing much happened.

Then I tried again and again with different types of posts and approaches. I have came up with two hundreds and ten different hashtags for Instagram. Yup, 210. A set of thirty hashtags for each day of the week.

I am very strong-willed, to say the least, so giving up was not an option. But after some time I realised I am putting like 20 hours a week, creating content, crafting posts and engaging with people who never click that link in my bio.

It was very disappointing.

So I decided my time can be invested much more efficiently somewhere else. I hate to double the content, hence you can read the whole story under below link.

However, the bottom line is you play the social media game a little bit. This is indeed where your customers are. At least in most cases. But it is extremely important to understand it’s only one tiny piece of a puzzle.

Your efforts should focus much more on building a website and delivering valuable content that solves problems your audience might have.

This is what you can scale, create a real business from and make your dreams come true.

Learn how to become successful entrepreneur

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