Low-Investment Business Ideas to Start Right Away

Low-Investment Business Ideas to Start Right Away

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Who doesn’t need any extra money raise your hand! Yeah, so I thought and same here – as everyone else I could use some few extra quid. Especially that it seems nowadays everyone is doing some sort of side hustle outside of working hours. The fact is it has never been easier to make some additional money in the history of a mankind so no wonder people are using this opportunity.

You can easily create yourself additional stream of income with minimum effort. It’s not like you will be able to quit your normal day-to-day job, but if you can earn yourself a longer weekend in a foreign country or a dinner for two it still pretty decent, right? You bet! The question is what sort of business can you start if you have low to no funds at all.

Currently it’s very popular to flip stuff on eBay or Amazon initially bought at flea market or car boot sales. People are making a quite a lot of money on that and if only have time and let’s say 50 pounds you can start right away. There are also 6 other business ideas that require nothing more than some time, enthusiasm and zero or minimal funding.

6 Low-Investment Business Ideas You can Start Online

  1. Start a charitable business – have a mission that go along with a business
  2. Sell a service – you can be writer, designer, developer or house cleaner
  3. Design and sell print-on-demand – sell products with your own designs
  4. Launch your own book – create one to serve a particular niche
  5. Build a dropshipping store – find a product and build an inventory-free store
  6. Create digital products or courses – monetize your talent or knowledge
1) Start a charitable #business. 2) Sell a service. 3) Design and sell print-on-demand. 4) Launch your own book. 5) Build a #dropshipping store. 6) Create digital products or courses #businessIdeas Click To Tweet

What Business is Right for Me if I Have No Money

If you have absolutely no money, but you are willing to learn, get some knowledge and develop some skills you can easily proceed one of the following: design and sell print-on-demand, launch your own book and / or create digital products or courses. The only thing that can limit you here is your own creativity and initiative.

You might for example need some graphics skills or to learn something very specific in case you would wish to write a book about a certain subject, but that’s about it. Just a personal note from me here: please do it diligently, the online world does not another useless course or book.

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Try be as helpful as you can and answer to market needs instead of doing what everyone else is doing. If you are doing it only to make some money most likely you won’t make them as many as you would hope for.

Think of your own interests and passions, is there anything you have knowledge about and it just so happens to be that the Internet lacks content about? If so, attack, that’s your niche. If not then just develop the interest about niche that is underserved, but whatever you do be authentic. It’s always a good strategy. Speaking of strategy here you can find four weird facts that will skyrocket your results. Tested and learnt hard way.

What Business to Start With Minimal Funding

To start another three, so charitable business, dropshipping store or to sell a service you will need a little bit of funding, but it’s still very affordable. Dropshipping store can cost you as little as 25 pounds if you decide to proceed with Shopify solution. The price will be higher if you would like to use some of the paid apps, but there are plenty of completely free and very useful apps you can use to start with.

Charitable business and selling a service might be less or more depending on what it is, but the website itself should not cost more than few quid spent on hosting. You can build your own website for free with a use of WordPress, but your business idea might require some additional funding in tools or investing in products. Plus you have to bear in mind you have to secure some money for promotion.

The times when it was enough to just open anything online to get customers are long gone and it became much more competitive field, but no worries – you can still make some good money if you have an idea on how to be different than your competition.

The below infographic has been created based on article by Braveen Kumar available here, but above can be found some additional comments and points that have not been touched in initial article.

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Best of luck!

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