How I Became Happy & Success at the Same Time, and so Can You

How I Became Happy & Success at the Same Time, and so Can You

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Is happiness more important than success? This topic has been massively discussed over the years and it doesn’t look like it would come to an end. Only by searching this phrase in Google: “what is more important success or happiness” you will see that success is clearly losing this battle.

The amount of headlines and descriptions saying that happiness is more important than success is overwhelming! And even if they say that success is more important than happiness the conclusion in fact is exactly the opposite. We might think then that it is true, happiness is more important and we should stop this pointless debate if everybody thinks the same. Well, I believe that it’s not…

I know this is greatly unpopular opinion, but I believe success is more important than happiness. I can only imagine the amount of people that will strongly disagree with me, but that’s ok. Progress is achieved not by the compromises or agreeing with each other, but by clashing two completely opposite opinions.

I believe success is more important, because people nowadays are confusing comfort with happiness and are trying to justify everything with their need of feeling happy. Don’t get me wrong, I think being happy is extremely important, but it’s also one of the most selfish emotions human race can be driven by. Rather than happiness we should start talking about fulfillment and you cannot achieve it without success.

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Why Success is More Important Than Happiness


Similarly to the way happiness is confused with comfort, success is being confused with possessing a lot of money. Neither is true. Success is simply achieving what you are after, what feels right and what you cannot stop thinking about. Only because we are being bombarded with the way of thinking about success as wealth doesn’t mean it is true.

Success is building happy family. It is also waking up every day in a good health. Success is pushing yourself to do more every day and to become a better person. Success is finally building a life you do not need to escape from.

Yes, money are very often involved with being successful, but that doesn’t mean a wealthy person has achieved it by sacrificing everything else. Although, you will have to sacrifice few things down the road and most likely you will not be happy about it.

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Happiness on the other hand is glorified to such extent you can explain almost everything with your need of being happy. Again, don’t get me wrong – happiness is a big part of our lives, but it can be and unfortunately often is extremely selfish.

Happiness often does not involve anyone else, but yourself and while sometimes it might be a right thing to do, it doesn’t apply to 100% of cases. Sometimes you have to see a little bit wider picture than just yourself and your personal happiness.

Of course success can also be super selfish, but it’s almost impossible to be happy without achieving success in some fields of your life. It just seems to me very often when we are talking about happiness we imagine running away from responsibilities and adulting. Acknowledge adulting is a new cool. Whether you like it or not you will not always be happy, but you will get something else instead.

Which is More Important

Allow me to start this paragraph with an example. When you are not happy at your job, but you have kids and have to choose whether to provide them everything they deserve or be miserable, what would you choose?  By staying at the job you hate you might not be happy, but you will succeed as a father and this is probably the biggest task of your life.

I know this might sound like unusual scenario, but sometimes people are picking up any sorts of jobs to secure their families. They are true heroes. It’s not always pretty, it’s not always easy, but sometimes you gotta do it. Sometimes there are more important things than just being happy and I cannot understand why we tend to think of success as something negative.

Why Success is More Important Than Happiness

That’s why I believe we should introduce a new concept fulfillment. It is much greater than happiness and success. Of course can be equally selfish, but it is more than a combination of both, it goes beyond that. It is much more clear and measurable than very open-ended happiness. It is also less money or fame related than nowadays definition of success.

We just have to understand that we have several roles to play in our lives. Not every single one is about happiness or wealth, but we should strive to be the best and successful in each and every single one of them. I’m not telling you to be miserable, but sometimes you are going to have awful days. Don’t run from them, stand your ground.

What Does it Mean?

Like Eric Thomas said: “When I tell you I grind some of ya think when I say when I grind you think I mean I work 24 hours. That’s not what I mean. When I say I grind  it means that when I’m working I’m grinding, it means when I’m with my wife I’m grinding, it means when I’m with my daughter I’m grinding, it means when I’m with my mom I’m grinding, it means when I rest I’m grinding.” – and I dare you to do the same. I challenge you to put your 120% in things that matter to you.

How to Build a Life You Don’t Need a Vacation From

I know, it sounds so cliché, but it really is possible. We just need to clarify one thing – it doesn’t mean laying on a beach whole day and sucking pina coladas. Ok, technically speaking such life is also possible if that’s what you truly want. What I’m just trying to say is that people very often picture life you don’t need vacation from as everlasting… well, vacation.

Meanwhile, I believe it means nothing more than removing from your life the stuff that drains the energy out of you. It’s the quickest way. Think about it, do you really want to be just taking it easy without accomplishing anything meaningful? Maybe it’s only me, but I wouldn’t be able to stand it for too long. In 99% of cases the problem is not that you have to work, but specific jobs and stressful environment.

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Go Get What is Yours

We are naturally defined as doers and naturally driven to achieve greatness and perform well. Once you remove the toxic from your life you are on a straight road to build such life and achieve fulfillment. And since we already established success is more important than happiness and both of those are just a compounds of fulfillment we are more than halfway through. Now you just need to grab a pen and piece of paper, and write down the following:

  1. What makes you feel miserable about your current life?
  2. How would your dream life would look like in terms of
    • Family
    • Money
    • Time
    • Activities
    • Purpose
  3. What makes you feel happy about your desired life?
  4. Mark this one most important thing that would make you jump off your bed.
  5. What you need to do to take your life from point A to point B?

What is the Difference Between Being Rich and Financially Free

Since I’m 100% sure your main concern is how to pay for all of that, I would like to just make clear I’m not telling you to quit your job. At least not straight away, if your job is what makes you miserable ultimately it is what you have to do. But first things first. To do that you don’t have to be rich, you just need to be financially free.

The thing is that rich is pretty much undefinable. Is it 100 grand, or few millions, or a billion? No one knows that and the problem is that even if you will decide 100 thousands will make you rich, you might feel it’s not enough once you get there. You certainly won’t be rich for millionaires. And as a millionaire you won’t be rich for billionaires. This game just never ends.

What is the Difference Between Being Rich and Financially Free

Financially free on the other hand is very easy to define. It means that your passive income is higher than your expenses and since it’s passive you don’t have to work and you will be able to maintain same standard of life. That is the main difference between rich and financially free. In order to do that first you need identify what is the required amount. Next find a way to generate it.

For inspiration on how to choose a side hustle that can then replace your regular job you can check out our latest infographic below. We can also recommend a great YouTube channel on how to build passive websites and these guys are truly phenomenal and 100% legit. You can find it here under this link.

They do sell a course on that topic (we are not affiliates or anything), but even from their free content you will get overwhelming value. Good luck and stay tuned!

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