Entrepreneurial Mindset Formula That Works Every Time

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur on one side you have to have appropriate tools. You need to learn about marketing, design, maybe a little bit about psychology and most importantly about how it all works and where to start.

On the other side you have to have those “soft” qualities like open mindness, courage, discipline, work ethic, passion and people skills. You can learn and train them. The big factor is also the strong mentality, the perseverance you need in order to succeed.

Those things and few more make for entrepreneurial mindset. The crucial ingredient to your success online and beyond.

There are loads of ideas you can follow and unbearable amount of tools, solutions and approaches. Probably more than you could ever use. But none of them means a thing if you don’t have a right mindset.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no one correct mindset. There is no one size fits all principle in here. It is more of a guideline and collection of certain patterns, but it’s still very helpful.

We all have our own ways of thinking, and there is room for everyone in this world.

But if you want to prove wrong all your doubters and enemies, you have to learn and understand the differences in how entrepreneurs and regular people think. I learned it all hardway when I switched from employee to entrepreneur.

But you know what? I want you to achieve your goals and I am here to help. By the end of this article you will know what to do and what to work on to finally make it.

Again, it’s not a success scheme, but it definitely will be a huge improvement on your journey.

Entrepreneur Versus Employee: Mindset Differences

I am stressing that fact so much, because that’s the first major difference. Most people expect to get a complete guideline with precisely listed step-by-step points on your way to the top.

Looking for Blueprints

I am sorry to disappoint you, but such thing doesn’t exist. Everything can work and everything can be a flop. Even if someone would be able to give you perfectly crafted plan, it is you who have to apply it to your unique situation and business idea.

It is all about you, your project, your circumstances, and your ability to select what you can make use of. If you want to be an entrepreneur search for knowledge, not blueprints.

This way you will develop an ability to associate everything you learn with your own projects and create your own path. Don’t look for easy solutions.

Time and Money

Another thing you learn along the way is how these two groups of people are approaching time and money. Two most important resources. Employees exchange their time for money. Entrepreneurs know time is their most valuable asset.

They don’t necessarily think about it in terms of money. They are willing to work their face off for something they believe in without any promise of getting anything in return.

It is even more interesting when you realise they don’t do friday drinks or saturday night fevers.

This is the commitment and sacrifice not all people are ready for. And that’s ok, if you work hard you deserve some time off to take it easy. But it’s not the approach that will help you to build sustainable business.

It can be only achieved if you are willing to give up on those short-term delights for long-term benefits.

Problems and Solutions

And now here comes the best part. Your attitude towards problems and your ability to provide solutions. How do you feel about that?

Most people hate this word to that extent that they prefer to call it a “challenge” or an “issue”.

If you ask me I just don’t give a damn. Challenge doesn’t make it any more exciting and problem doesn’t sound discouraging to me in any sense. Someone who got shivers only at the sound of this word should probably stay away from this lifestyle.

You deal with problems all the time and that’s cool. To be perfectly honest, this is how you make a living – dealing with problems and finding answers where no one else could.

That’s the whole point, this is how you bring value 🙂 they never say “this is not my problem”.

Hence, entrepreneurs love problems. Or challenges. Or issues. They love when things don’t go according to a plan, because that’s when they flourish. Normal people are trying to avoid them.

And this is your chance, my friend. What problem can you solve today?

Cool, so that would be it. You can probably put down much longer list than that, but I felt these three things are really the most vital ones. Something that will help you to make a breakthrough.

How do You Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Since for the last few minutes I have been explaining how entrepreneurship mindset look like, you must have been suspecting it’s something you can develop. Definitely, it is a muscle.

The only question now is how can you do that? Well, in my opinion the best method to learn anything is learning by doing. So if you have perseverance and skin that’s thick enough I’d recommend you do that by applying trial and error approach.

Still, it would be smart to know what to focus on. It’s just way more efficient.

If I were to start again I would stop acting like I know anything. Literally. Maybe I wasn’t cocky, but probably not humble enough to understand and realise what I didn’t know yet. And to clarify, I didn’t know tons of stuff. I still don’t!

But now I am much more self-aware to know there is still plenty to learn. To make it worse I even thought that what I already knew would be valid for a lifetime. Typical rookie mistake.

Ok, there are some things that will never change, but generally speaking the world is evolving.

And you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, don’t spend a moment complaining about it. That was a tip number 2. There will be many depressing moments and many failures along the way.

If it was your fault then admit it, own it, learn from it and move on. If not take your lesson and move on anyway. There is really no point in pondering and beating yourself up. Recover as fast as you can. You got work to do.

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The Importance of Determination and Self-awareness

And you know what will help you to recover really fast? That’s right, determination and self-awareness. These are the two qualities that are inevitable for every entrepreneur.

Without any exceptions. Every successful human being possessed them.

Why them? Because one is responsible for not giving up until you reached your goals. And the second one is necessary to understand your strengths and weaknesses. But not only that. It will also help you to evaluate your actions and eliminate micro failures.

Such combination will make you unstoppable and will help you to give everything you’ve got.


Very often you can hear or read that you need motivation in order to succeed. Maybe, I guess this can be some sort of a start point. The only problem is it doesn’t last. And yes, I know that “neither does bathing”.

That’s not the point. My problem with motivation is that it’s only a spark. Meanwhile determination is something you control. It’s a decision and burns like fire.

Motivation can get you started, but it’s the determination doesn’t allow you to stop.

Entrepreneur Versus Employee: Mindset Differences

Let me put it this way. You have a motivation to run a marathon, but at some point you begin to lose energy. You don’t feel like you’re gonna make it. So what to you do? Are you going listen to a motivational podcast during the run?

You might. Or you can simply refuse to give up and that is called determination. It does apply to any kind of activity and any kind of obstacle. And obstacles can be many: failure, fear, lack of knowledge, rejection, beliefs, bad luck, you name it.

You just keep going no matter what. Because no external factor has control over your destiny.


Meanwhile self-awareness is necessary if you want to grow in any sense. How anyone can improve not being conscious about own thoughts, talents, skills, failures and successes?

And believe me, running your own business will make you question your own value multiple times. You have to be sure about your worth. In a good sense, not “I’m-the-best-so-f-all-the-rest” type of a thing.

You also have to know what are you good at and what you suck at. So that you know what you should focus on and what kind of people you have to hire.

This is also the first step to improve your general productivity and as an entrepreneur.

Examples of Productivity for Entrepreneurs

Productivity is being searched in Google few millions times every month. There is a good reason for that. People are very attracted by the idea they can do more in shorter time, thanks to increased efficiency.

As a result you can either do the same amount of work and have more time for yourself and your close ones. Or you can still work the same amount of time and get much more done. Entirely up to you.

But I guess you agree it’s extremely important for every entrepreneur to be productive.

Proven Productivity Increase Formula
Source: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/dont-waste-your-time-7-tips-for-more-productive-and-happy-life.html

Unfortunately, many of us are being busy instead of productive. Meanwhile, productive people are 100% focused on providing results and moving forward. How do they do that?

By focusing on few priorities instead of many, and most importantly by doing one thing at a time instead of multitasking.

Productivity Good Examples

Productivity is nothing else than value created in an hour of work. And this is the only thing that should matter. You can find some great examples in this linked article, brilliant stuff.

For entrepreneurs, however, it is kind of tricky. We are doing so many things that it’s very hard to keep up and measure it properly. What we could do is bring it all down to numbers.

For example:

  • Landing page modifications – what is the conversion rate improvement
  • Content creation – what is the traffic increase compared to the amount of hours spent
  • Product research and development – how many items have been sold and how much money it generated
  • Paid advertisements – what is the ROAS, so how much in sales you were able to bring with money you spent
  • Delegation – how much time you have spent explaining what needs to be done versus how much would it take? Is it recurring task?

On the flip side don’t be too harsh for yourself. It’s not all about the money and numbers. Sometimes some things will take really long and it might take weeks before you will see the results. That’s ok.

As long as you focus on important things rather than constantly checking your mailbox and social media you should be fine.

Productivity Bad Examples

So if there are good examples of productivity what are the bad ones? To be perfectly honest, there is no such thing as “bad examples of productivity”. Productivity by definition has positive output. In worst case scenario it’s zero and it can’t be negative.

Even if you lost money, you don’t measure how negatively productive you were, you just know how much you lost.

However, there can be situations where the output is completely useless and not needed. So although, you can’t deny the productivity was there, the resources are wasted.

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” — Peter Drucker.

Proven Productivity Increase Formula

If you want to increase your productivity just follow your calling. Simple as that. I know nothing about your religious beliefs. Actually, you might have none and that’s your personal matter. But I believe the Almighty have prepared a plan for everyone.

And I believe we are here for a reason and every single one of us has a role to play in this world. It might not be obvious at the beginning. Sometimes you have dig a bit deeper.

But once you figure out what is yours, you can tick boxes on productivity, determination, mindset, solving problems and everything else. Everything starts to fall into the right place.

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But to follow your calling doesn’t always mean follow your dreams and it’s not always pretty.

I can only tell you that you too, my friend, have something unique inside of you that you can give to the world and make it a better place 🙂

You are just a decision away from reaching everything you always wanted to reach.

Learn how to become successful entrepreneur

It always starts with a beautiful dream, but we do not always land where we would love to. It took me while to understand that it takes much more than just a dream and hard work. You also need to be pushed into the right direction.

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