Are You Also Confused by Online Marketing?

Are You Also Confused by Online Marketing?

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Despite the fact that online marketing is currently something we experience on a daily basis and it became the most common tool for every entrepreneur, it can still be pretty confusing. It might seem like everyone is now digital marketing expert, but the topic is so broad.

Just think about it: SEO, SEM, content, social media, influencers, paid ads, pay-per-click, in-stream-ads. And don’t even get me started about available tools! Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube to just name a few.

How can you keep up when basically everyday you can find new platforms, algorithm updates and “proven hacks” to boost your online marketing? I have to admit, it is kinda hard. Before you even think about being on top of all of those things it is crucial to understand what are the main pillars of online marketing.

One of the guys you might have found when it comes to that is Neil Patel. He is quite well known when it comes to SEO, but overall Online Marketing is not a big secret to him. He wrote this great step-by-step guide on this topic you can find here. I have just decided to put it in more graphic form.

Online Marketing Made Simple

How to be Ahead of the Game in Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – driving organic traffic to your website by search engine results
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – sponsored links within organic search results
  • Content Marketing – producing valuable information on the topic
  • Social Media Marketing – building community around the topic
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising – self explanatory, you pay for each click from your ad
  • Affiliate Marketing – promoting someone’s products by individuals
  • Email Marketing – providing receivers with unique and valuable information

Secrets of Successful Digital Marketing 2019

2017 and 2018 have both brought some spectacular breakthroughs. For example Internet taking over TV in terms of money spent on advertisement. This was in particular a result of loads small and affordable marketing campaigns done by small business owners.

Year 2019 will be no different and will surely bring quite a lot of changes, be sure about that!

It is expected that time spent watching online videos will catch up TV by the end of next year. Pretty impressive. Be ready for that. If your marketing strategy didn’t include videos so far now it’s the time to start. You might actually want to go a step further than that.

Secrets of Successful Digital Marketing 2019

Live videos have become quite a big thing in 2018 and will continue to grow in 2019. Hence, you can see live streams being so hyped by Facebook and YouTube recently. It’s a result of growing engagement on dedicated platforms like Twitch.

Another trend that will definitely become a massive thing next year is voice search. Already in 2018 around 25% of all searches were made over voice. And who’s got the best platform for that so far? You got it right, Amazon. I’m really curious what they will come up with in 2019. No matter what you will decide the golden rule applies in 2019 as well – be where your customers are.

How to be Ahead of the Game in Marketing

Believe it or not, but no one really knows what’s gonna happen next year. Some forecasts might be more accurate and some less, but it’s just impossible to predict everything. I believe above things will make an impact in 2019, but I also believe all of the point included in infographic will play a huge role, despite availability of new solutions.

Just like with social media. It’s currently a bit over-hyped and we simply cannot forget about good old SEO.

By over-hyped I don’t mean it doesn’t work. I just think it’s overvalued and people tend to believe it’s the hidden gem and solution to everything that will allow them to sell anything to anyone.

Just like with #socialMedia. It's currently a bit over-hyped and we simply cannot forget about good old #SEO. It's just one of the tools #digitalMarketing Click To Tweet

However, there are few things you can do to always stay ahead of the marketing game. Solutions and platforms will change, but fundamentals will always be the same. And these are:

  1. Learn how to grab attention and convert it into engagement
  2. Become AD-venturer and learn to always explore new ways of doing stuff
  3. Observe and learn from people, to sell well you have to understand your species

If you will feel a need for more in-depth information about eCommerce in general you can check out our latest article available here.

Infographic prepared based on the following article:

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