How I Made Myself Better Entrepreneur Overnight

How I Made Myself Better Entrepreneur Overnight

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I know what you’re thinking. It’s either “Is it even possible?” or less politely, and frankly speaking more likely “Yeah dude, overnight-my-ass. Another pile of coaching BS scam”. The funny thing is I totally get it. You can’t even imagine how big pile of… “valuable content” I had to run through to actually get the answers I was looking for.

Or maybe you can, since we have probably been reading same stuff. Nonetheless, I have to warn you – this article is not another you-can-do-it, pat-on-the-back kind of a thing. It’s not a hack, it’s not a strategy. It’s not an easy, shortcut solution other people might have been trying to fool you with, either. Honestly speaking I don’t think such thing even exists.

Stop looking for magic formula, by the time you find how to do it easy you would have done it twice in semi-easy way. #Work. That’s how you get it done. #hustle Click To Tweet

Although, it might not sound super exciting “Nothing worth having comes easy” applies to your dreams as well, cuz. How I made myself better entrepreneur overnight? By realising there is no easy way around it. Yes, you can work better and get better at figuring out what you need, but at the end you still have to do the thing. Hence, the best idea is to stop looking for magic formulas, put your head down and get back to work.

What I am proposing here is simply a mindshift to focus on getting it done and believe me, it changes everything. Why? Because usually by the time you find how to do it easy you would have done it twice in semi-easy way. Work. That’s how you get it done. What else? The importance of creativity in entrepreneurship is invaluable.

Importance of Creativity in Entrepreneurship

Creativity has become a massive topic over the past few years and it should come as no surprise to anyone. Thanks to creativity we are able to improve our lives by creating new solutions and coming up with new ideas. Plus, this is probably the most influential and most important factor when it comes to problem solving. And what is entrepreneurship? Bull’s eye! Innovation and problem solving at its finest 🙂

I have no intention to rant schooling systems or convince you to be against it, but below you can find a brilliant TED on this topic and it will definitely shed some light on the problem. For me personally it’s by far the best I have ever seen, matched maybe only by Tim Urban’s “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator”, you should check it out as well.

Right, let’s get back to the topic. Since we already established that entrepreneurship = problem solving + creating new solutions and problem solving + creating new solutions = creativity I believe we have entrepreneurship = creativity! At least mathematically, greatly simplified.

In fact it’s more like business + creativity = entrepreneurship, works like magic. I have learnt over the years that you cannot go too far without it in life or business. Sometimes in life things do not go entirely according to the plan, we all know that. But in business it’s hardly ever going according to a plan so you constantly have to come up with new ideas, new solutions and solve new problems.

Plainly speaking you are like 24/7 firefighter and designer combined together, always on duty and keep on delivering all the time. We like to perceive creativity as art, but this is so much better, right?! Just make sure it does not look like that…

entrepreneurship chill

How Does it Look Like in Practice

Yeah, but this is just a plain talk. You would love to see some real life examples, don’t you? And I have one, but boy it’s a Goddamn good one. You probably heard about this company named Airbnb, but do you know why is it named this way? What does it stand for?

It all started when few mates in San Francisco were so broke they decided to blew up three air mattresses, serve breakfast and rent it out to complete strangers. And it worked! The name came from Air Bed and Breakfast 🙂 as you can imagine they decided to follow that idea and… found themselves in debt of $25,000 on credit cards.

So they decided to sell custom, limited edition cereal boxes – simply brilliant. Everything else is a history, but you can see how being creative really opens up new doors. Here are some of the advantages you can gain by developing your creative mind:

  • Creating a product or niche that does not exist yet
  • Business improvement and development of your product
  • Recognition of paradigms and transition them into new businesses
  • Becoming more competitive by creating new ideas, for example in marketing

If you are looking for some business ideas, and ideally low-investment ones be sure to check out this post below with infographic we have prepared on this topic.

What Are The Most Important Traits of an Entrepreneur

Love the Process

Aside of creativity first of all you have to learn how to love the process and embrace the chaos. Become death to all the noise that surrounds you and stay loyal to your vision while being flexible on how to achieve it. This is where more of an art comes to play. It is an art to know what is a right decision. However, there is a hack to that.

Journalist asked a CEO what is the secret of his success. He said “right decisions”. Journalist asked then “but how do you make right decisions?”. He replied with “experience”. “And how do you get experience?” she asked again. The response was “Wrong decisions”. The essence.

So do not worry if you will make some wrong calls along the way, it’s all part of the process. It is a learning curve, an investment that will pay off later than you thought at the beginning, but sooner than you think during the journey. There is just one condition – you have to keep going and constantly improve.

love the process


In order to keep going you have to commit to it. Whatever you do you have to commit to it. Period. You just have to fall in love with your business or your idea and give 120%. I would love to tell you that 70% is enough, but unfortunately it’s not. I have covered worth ethic in one of the previous posts, you can check it out below if you like, but it’s not only a matter of working hard. You are the engine and dreams are the fuel, no one will fulfill your calling for you and that’s a fact.

There are so many people who are willing to work hard, but for a short period of time. To be really successful you have to go all in to make it work. It might mean long months or even years and a lot of dedication before you will see the results. The best entrepreneurs keep on pushing, because they are committed and are not terrified or defined by their failures, it fires them up!

#Failure inspires #winners. And failure defeats losers. The greatest secret of winners is that failure inspires winning; thus, they’re not afraid of losing. --Robert T. Kiyosaki #inspire Click To Tweet

Spread the Energy

As already said you are the driving power of your life, your company and your ideas. Act like it, be a ball of fire. At the end positivity always wins. It does not mean you have to act like nothing happens when everything is falling apart. You just have to remember that after every storm there comes the sun and deal with whatever is being thrown at you. Spread that positive energy across your employees, be a people person.

The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are passionate and can listen to their employees, and get the best out of them. So called soft skills are greatly important, but I would like to propose you to go a step further. Think that you are working for people, not other way around. This is another simple mindshift that can work like magic in your business.

What is The Difference Between Business Owner and Entrepreneur

This one can be seen as slightly tricky, isn’t it pretty much the same? Honestly speaking, I’ve been thinking about it myself and here is what I found. Apparently, you do not have to be the entrepreneur to own the business, but you cannot be entrepreneur without owning a business. You can find a lot of definitions and explanations on how differently these two individuals approach risk, employees, money, time and business.

One of the really good ones I have found quite some time ago is by Jon Gillham available here. Although, I see few things differently, which I will explain below, I can agree on most points raised there.

open for business

However, the pictures of business owner and entrepreneur painted in this article are two extremes. For me personally the main difference between the two is the individual person who is engaged with business activity. Everyone of us in this game is different and that’s the beauty of it. You cannot really divide out clearly one from another.

Yes, some people might lean more into making money, while others will be all about the change, but usually you will fall somewhere in between. You will be more or less into one of the factors, but making money doesn’t mean you don’t want to make a change. Same with everything else, we are just not Boolean or one dimensional. So figure out who you are, what works best for you and just make it happen. Do not worry too much about the semantic.

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