Entrepreneurship Lessons From Founder of AirBnb

Entrepreneurship Lessons From Founder of AirBnb

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You got it right, exactly the same AirBnb which story I have brought to your attention in the previous article available here. I haven’t planned it, it’s pure coincidence and apparently a grateful topic to analyse and learn from. Today I would like you to familiarise with 3 entrepreneurship lessons from founder of AirBnb originally written by legendary Robert Kiyosaki.

I have only allowed myself to prepare graphical version of this article and include some additional comments on these three lessons as my personal observations. At the same time I would like to encourage you to read the original article as well so you have a full view on the topic.

3 Entrepreneurship Lessons from Founder of AirBnb

The list could probably go on and on, but mr. Kiyosaki decided to distinguish following three:

  1. Age is not important – there is no age limit on the road to success
  2. You will run into naysayers – it’s more than certain, trust me
  3. Always be looking to solve pattern problems – it’s truly what this game is all about

Entrepreneurship Lessons From Founder of AirBnb

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You can’t be too old or too young to start a business. We have Blecharczyk that started coding company at age of only 12. On the other side of the stick we have Colonel Sanders and his famous fried chickens started when he was already 65.

And to spice it up a little bit more, he became a billionaire only at the age of 88! The age factor is rather simple and perfectly explained here, so I would like to dive into other two lessons in a little bit more details. Stick with me to explore it further.

How to Deal With Naysayers

As mentioned above in the text and infographic itself it’s more than certain you will run into naysayers. Dunno where they are coming from, but somehow you always pop into this one guy, or many of them, who believes your idea simply cannot work, because:

  • “no one does it this way”
  • “it’s gonna cost a lot of money”
  • “dude, you can’t be serious!”
  • “damn, it seems like a lot of work”
  • “it’s a great idea, but…”
  • or my personal favourite “my uncle/cousin/friend/teacher/any other random relative or friend has done something similar and they failed”

I’m not trying to impose they are doing it from any other reason than to protect you, but should you be bothered? The answer is straight and simple: no. You should do your thing and silence down all these voices that are bringing you down trying to discourage you.

However, you should still be open for constructive criticism. Feedback is important, don’t be a tool. There are also few other ways to deal with naysayers and these include:

  1. Evaluate their words and background – try to understand what is their experience and reasoning behind such opinions
  2. Don’t take it personally – all the doubts and fears or lack of answers is a projection of their minds, not yours
  3. Surround yourself with other doers – sometimes we can’t remove certain naysayers from our life, in such case counterbalance it people with who encourage you
  4. Develop unshakeable vision – in so great details that you can almost smell it
  5. Don’t defend your dreams – very often the discussion is simply pointless and cannot be won

dealing with naysayers

How to Solve Pattern Problems in Business

This is probably the most important part of the entire post. There are different sorts of problems in this world and the goal of being entrepreneur and any business is to solve them. We are in this game to provide solutions and satisfy customer needs.

These can be small like selling known products or services. The bigger ones would be finding a niche and serving it with what you’ve got.

And then there would pattern problems, or actually solutions that change the entire industry. Just like mentioned AirBnb. They have realised a problem of a larger scale and a solution that millions of people can benefit from. How to find another big hit? Listen to what people usually complain about, it’s your another massive opportunity 🙂

#PatternProblems, or actually #solutions change the whole industry. Listen to what people usually #complain about, it’s can be another big hit #business Click To Tweet

Infographic prepared based on the following article:


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