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Our story might not be the most exciting one or unique, but one thing for sure – it is real. We are a crew from London build by 3 siblings. It all started with a simple idea to provide go-getters like us with hustle gear. Tees, mugs, hoodies, flip-flops, towels, phone covers – you name it.

However, this project quickly evolved into a website providing valuable content instead of physical products. Although it’s not our first project this one has been a definition of hustle, cloud and dirt from the very beginning. Inside the website, social media and everything related to it is our blood, sweat and tears.

It’s a result of what we believe in and how we want to see the world. A little bit of dreaming, plenty of hustle and a pinch of amusement. We love to hustle and start new challenges, it’s just part of our DNA. So although we hope you will love our style we are not going to stop here.

We will be constantly evolving, bringing new ideas and ways to interact with you. We are very much aware you don’t win or built anything overnight.

Especially in the area of providing value, great content and ways to step up your hustle game. And we do want to help you.

Since we believe there is so much potential in people there is always a space for more guidance about entrepreneurship and success stories. And this one right here is meant to go big, we have massive plans.

We want to play a long game, building relationships and expanding day-in, day-out. And sometimes give away free & valuable stuff so follow our social media profiles 😉

Stay tuned – Lit Crew

Damian Duma

Co-founder of Lit Dealer and Kreative Hedgehog, partner at Polda Builders. Online marketer, entrepreneur and author.

Former Business Analyst for UBS Investment Bank, 32 year-old admirer of the state of extreme exhaustion.

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